About AInnovation

Established in March 2018, AInnovation is dedicated to delivering AI-related products and business solutions and to empowering enterprise customers and partners by improving their business efficiency and realizing their digital transformation.

We are committed to our “AI+” B2B enterprise service model, leveraging our close ties to the Sinovation Ventures brand, our abundant AI resources and our AI expert support from Sinovation Ventures AI Institute to realize value for our clients.

Our founding team – comprised of former executives from Google, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, SAP, Wanda, and Huawei – has accumulated unique insights into the enterprise service market and rich industry experience and best practices. Our professional team works together with industry leaders and partners to help strengthen enterprise competitiveness in the focus areas of retail, manufacturing, and finance for the new AI era.

Empowered by an elite team of 200 strong, AInnovation is equipped with the state-of-the-art AI technologies, advanced R&D and commercialization capabilities.

Our business is driven by a two-wheel model: “Technology & Product” and “Business scenarios.” At present, AInnovation has secured over RMB 100 million of angel investment from Chengwei Capital and Sinovation Ventures.

The Founding Team



Chief architect, Sinovation Ventures AI Institute. Former Baidu, Google, Microsoft. More than 10 years’ experience with Internet search engines, knowledge maps, Big Data storage and analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and product R&D. Holds 10+ US and 30+ Chinese patents.

Hocking XU


Former VP of Microsoft Greater China, VP of SAP Greater China, GM of IBM Greater China Financial Sector, and VP of Wanda Internet Technology Group. Over 22 years’ experience in IT industry with clients across retail, manufacturing, finance, telecom, media, energy, aviation and other high tech industries.

Jenny WANG


Co-founder, Sinovation Ventures AI Institute. Former Director of Partner Solutions Google Greater China, Korea and Asia-Pacific. Prior to Google, she worked at Disney Networks and Texas Instruments.

Contact us

Address: 10F, Tower A, Ding Hao Building, No. 3 Haidian St, Haidian District, Beijing

Please enter from the office building entrance and take the elevator No. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Email: liximeng@chuangxin.com

Phone: (010) 5752 5264