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project manager

Job responsibilities:


1. Initiate project Kick-off meeting with internal and external resource. Ensure that all completion milestones are achieved


2. Balance and co-ordinate internal and external resource on big project or major project


3. Participate in project solution design, development, and maintenance


Job requirements:


1. Computer or other related majors, and certified as PMP or project manager.


2. Project experience in computer application field, for example, finance, retail, manufacturing, etc.


3. Proficient in Project management software.


4. Ability to learn new business quickly and have good communication skills.


5. Big data project development or management, or AI-related project delivery and development experience is preferred.

Pre-sale manager/Senior manager

Job responsibilities:


1. Provide customers with ai related technical consulting, pre-sales solution writing, demonstration and other services according to the needs of business cooperation, so as to ensure the smooth development of business cooperation.


2. Understood the company's products, analyzed and investigated the customers' demands, business processes and data characteristics in the actual customer communication, proposed solutions according to the company's products and technologies, and cooperated with the sales to complete the bidding, contract negotiation and other work.


3. Maintained communication with the client's technical team and product team during the implementation of the project, ensured the progress of the project on time and completed the project delivery on time and with good quality.


Job requirements:


1. Bachelor degree or above in computer related major, with 3 years working experience.


2. Familiar with basic machine learning algorithms and the application patterns of machine learning in typical industries.


3. Familiar with knowledge related to big data, familiar with the flow direction and processing mode of data in customer application system.


4. Ability to independently analyze customer requirements, design solutions, and have complete project implementation experience.


5. Good at communication and capable of coordinating and solving various problems encountered in team cooperation and external cooperation.

Front-end development engineer

Job responsibilities:


1. Responsible for the development of Web front-end application for the businesses, products and services in the AInnovation, enabling high-performance Web applications that conform to HTML5 standards


2. Realize high-performance front-end human-computer interaction interface, animation, special effects and so on


3. Responsible for the development of the interface between the front end and the back end.


Job requirements:


1. 3+ years front-end development experience, bachelor degree or above in computer related major.


2. Proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


3. Firm understanding of the Vue, React, AngularJS, etc.


4. Familiar with tools such as webpack and gulp, and master relevant engineering knowledge such as front-end construction.


5. Understand Node, Python, PHP, Java and other back-end development languages.

senior program manager - Operations & Maintenance

Job responsibilities:


1. 2+ years of experience in automated operation and maintenance of the Internet industry. Experience in large-scale online service operation is preferred;


2. Familiar with AWS/ Alibaba Cloud platform products;


3. Familiar with at least one mainstream operation and maintenance tool


4. Familiar with continuous integration tools such as gitlab/gerrit/Jenkins


5. Skilled in using at least one scripting language


6. Clear thinking, strong problem solving ability and profound programming skills


7. Experience with docker warehouse construction is a plus


Job requirements:


1. Undergraduate degree or above, solid knowledge of algorithm and data structure


2. 3+ years back-end development experience, with solid code foundation and practical skills


3. Familiar with Shell, Python, Java, Golang and other common programming languages, Clean Coder


4. Familiar with common enterprise application architectures such as micro services


5. Familiar with container cloud with high concurrency, low latency and high availability of enterprise-level API


6. Familiar with Spark, RPC, message queue and other distributed technologies

Senior back-end (python/Java) Development Engineer

(Python) job responsibilities:


1. Responsible for back-end development and maintenance of company-related businesses, products and services


2. Responsible for the design, implementation, improvement and optimization of the product back-end architecture to ensure that the back-end services are stable, reliable and efficient


3. Participate in the exploration of back-end cutting-edge technology


Job requirements:


1. excellent computer knowledge, good command of data structure and algorithm.


2. 3 years or above experience in Python/ Java back-end development.


3. Familiar with MySQL database and NoSQL technologies such as Redis, Memcached and MongoDB.


4. Have certain system design ability and good abstract ability, and can reasonably abstract and split the business logic.


5. Excellent problem solving ability and strong learning ability.


6. Big data analysis and processing and AI product landing experience are preferred.


(Java) job responsibilities:


1. Responsible for the development, commissioning and maintenance of back-end business services in the retail/smart manufacturing sector


2. Participated in the discussion of related product requirements and product system architecture design optimization, and work with the team to solve technical challenges


3. Responsible for the improvement of technical capacities of the department, including research on new technologies, etc


4. Responsible for and participate in online system deployment, maintenance, performance monitoring and server optimization


Job requirements:


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, more than 2 years of practical Java project development experience


2. Proficient in Java EE related technologies, familiar with Spring Boot/Cloud, iBatis, SpringMVC, Struts and other open source frameworks


3. Capable of object-oriented analysis, design and development, proficient in OOP, AOP and common design patterns


4. Master JVM performance tuning, understand common JVM garbage collection algorithms, Java concurrency framework and libraries, and understand Java memory model


5. Familiar with MySQL database; experience in database tuning is preferred


6. Familiar with MQ, REDIS and other middleware, experience in designing flexible systems with complex business, high concurrency and large amount of data is preferred


7. Clear thinking, good document writing and communication skills, and strong sense of teamwork




1. Experience in using and deploying public cloud (AWS/ Ali cloud) products


2. Docker and K8S development experience


3. Familiar with machine learning tools such as Tensorflow and Caffe,might be  better


position: senior engineer/manager of operations and maintenance development

operations optimization algorithm engineer

Job responsibilities:


1. Development and research of algorithms in the direction of operational optimization, including combination optimization, online optimization, stochastic optimization, game theory, etc


2. Design and implement optimization algorithms for new retail industry, including supply chain management, pricing strategies, inventory management, etc


Job requirements:


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, applied mathematics, operations research, industrial engineering, statistics or related.


2. Familiar with the algorithm theory and application in the field of operational research, including LP, DP and MIP.


3. Experience in large-scale optimization projects or mathematical modeling contest is preferred.


4. Excellent programming ability, master at least one language of C, C++, JAVA and Python.


5. There are retail experience or project experience is preferred, system development experience is a plus.


6. With strong teamwork spirit and enthusiasm in the field of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning Engineer

Job responsibilities:


1. Research and development of AI related algorithms such as machine learning/data mining


2. Algorithm-related code base, package and release of tool library


3. Performance optimization of AI-related algorithms, deployment of engineering environment


4. Participate in building and implementing distributed deep learning clusters


Job requirements:


1. Master degree or above, major in computer/information science/software/electronic engineering/applied mathematics is preferred;


2. Proficient in theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to machine learning;


3. Familiar with the usage scenarios and methods of CNN, RNN, LSTM and other typical deep learning models;


4. Familiar with TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet mainstream of one or more in depth study framework;


5. Strong mathematics and programming power.

Software Test Manager

Job responsibilities:


        1. Involve in the development of product, as well as the whole process of testing, including the demand analysis, design review, design of testing plans, design and implementing of the test cases, defect tracking and soft quality analysis, and assisting development engineers to solve problems


       2. Fully grasp of the functional and non-functional requirements of products, and design quality assurance and testing strategies for different products


       3. Lead the development and implementation of test plans, design, implemente and optimize test procedure, enrich test methods, and introduce new test frameworks and test strategies


       4. Develop test tools and automated test frameworks, automated scripts, conduct automated tests, build CI continuous integration environment, and improve test efficiency


       5. Communicate and cooperate with testers, developers and project managers to drive the smooth progress of the entire project


       6. Maintain test procedures, collect and analyze test results, and improve test efficiency and quality.


Job requirements:


1.      Apply for bachelor degree or above in computer science or related majors in normal universities;


2.      More than 3 years working experience in software development or automation testing


3.      Familiar with Linux/UNIX operating system, master at least one scripting language such as Python and Shell, and have certain programming ability;


      4. Proficient in test procedures and test case design methods, systematic thinking and experience on software quality assurance. Be able to build complex situations


Systematic software quality control strategy and model, and good practice


      5. Strong sense of responsibility, ability to work under pressure, good communication skills and teamwork ability, strong executive ability and driving ability, as well as problem positioning and coordination analytical skills;


      6. Be able to promote and assist the project team to improve engineering efficiency, such as building tool platform, designing automation testing framework, etc., which are abundant BDD or TDD experience is preferred.

IOS Development Engineer (image/filter related)

Job responsibilities:


1. Embed image algorithms to video and image-related products, and maintain the SDK


2. Develop innovative projects based on self-developed deep learning frameworks and image algorithms


Job requirements:


1. 2+ years of iOS development experience


2. Proficient in C++ language, and firm understanding of data structure and algorithm


3. Experience in video player/image processing is a plus


3. Prefer technical research and innovation challenges, intense self-driven ability, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

Image Algorithm Director

Job responsibilities: 

1. Investigation and research of cutting-edge technologies in the field of image processing


2. Manage and build of the image algorithm team, design algorithmic solutions for business problems, and lead business decisions


3. Design and optimize the algorithmic solutions; Deploy the algorithmic solutions on-line and commercialize the software package

Job requirements:

1. Full-time master degree or above, computer, information science, software, electronic engineering, applied mathematics, or related engineering disciplines


2. Excellent communication and coordination skills, capable of manage a team and streamline project procedure, and daptive to high-pressure environment


3. Thorough theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience in image algorithms


4. Familiar with the application scenarios of the CNN and other typical deep learning models; Experience in the ResNet and MobileNet is a plus


5. Practical experience in relevant fields such as image classification, image segmentation and object recognition


6. Familiar with one or more of the mainstream deep learning frameworks: such as TensorFlow, Caffe and MXNet


7. Papers published in ICIP, ICCV, CVPR, ECCV, SIGGRAPH is a strong plus

Image Visual Algorithm Engineer

Job responsibilities:


1. Research and development of state of the art computer vision algorithms, including object detection, recognition, fine object classification, multi-target tracking and other core algorithms


2. Design and optimization of the deep learning model


3. Working on the computer vision, digital image processing, graphical  algorithms, as well as their deployment in embedded platforms


4. Construction and optimization of distributed computing framework construction (GPU or CPU)


Job requirements:


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, automation, applied mathematics  or related engineering disciplines


2. Thorough theoretical knowledge and solid practical skills in computer vision and deep learning


3. Familiar with the usage scenarios and methods of CNN and other typical deep learning models.


4. Familiar with one or more of the mainstream deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe and MXNet.


5. excellent mathematics and programming skills.

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