Working Environment
Talent Development
New Employee Training
Induction training specially designed for new employees, using one day of systematic learning to quickly understand the company’s strategic culture and system, and become a true AInnovation staff.
Big Name Sharing Session
Provide technical staff with technical sharing meetings and series of lectures by leading experts from time to time to create a strong internal learning atmosphere together.
Technology Sharing Session
Standing on the podium, every AInnovation staff has a "highlight moment" that belongs to themself.
Online Training Platform
Through past training courses, you can review knowledge points anytime, anywhere!
Employee Benefits
Flexible Work
Under the premise of completing the required work and ensuring 8 hours a day, employees can arrange working hours flexibly and provide employees with a freer working environment.
Health Protection
The company additionally provides supplementary medical insurance, accident insurance, annual physical examination and caringly guards the health of employees.
Various Benefits
The company also provides overtime taxi fare, communication fee subsidy, meal subsidy
Extra-long Holiday
Extra-long annual leave arrangements (10 days of annual leave can be enjoyed after working for 3 years), and the company also has Welfare Leave for AInnovation Employees.
Fancy Activities
Christmas activities, annual meetings, open days, and other family turn constantly.