MatrixVision Model Zoo
  • Community Intelligence
  • Smart Construction Site
  • Kitchen Intelligence
  • Industry Intelligence
  1. License plate detection
    Accurately identify the position of the license plate of the vehicle in the image, and output the confidence level of the license plate detection
  2. Recognition of Helmets
    Real-time automatic identification of the wearing of helmets of on-site workers, to achieve efficient management and supervision, and to increase safety assurance
    Recognition of Reflective Clothing
    Automatically monitor whether construction site workers are wearing reflective clothing, effectively preventing accidents caused by not wearing reflective clothing.
    Inspection of Escalator Safety
    Detect dangerous behaviors on escalators, automatically identify dangerous behaviors, and timely feedback to staff to assist operators in discovering dangerous situations in the first time.
    Identification of Cigarette Butts
    Real-time identification of the construction environment, identify whether there are cigarette butts in the detection area, and prevent accidents such as fires caused by cigarette butts.
  3. Detection of Dress
    Input the picture of the staff, and output the scores of wearing hats, masks, wearing chef clothes, smoking, and playing with mobile phones.
    Recognition of Open Flame Smoke
    Cooperate with the camera to detect the dynamic status of the open flame smoke in each area in real time. After the smoke is located, an alarm will be issued immediately and the loss will be stopped in time.
  4. Recognition of Smoke
    With the camera, it can identify the fire and smoke in the monitoring area in real time, and immediately issue an alarm to stop the loss in time. It is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor complex situations.