The building blocks of a smart city that seeks to create a people-oriented management system based on advanced technologies, including the Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Our solutions for smart communities and industry, and are based on compute vision, gesture recognition and machine learning algorithms, integrate segmented scenarios to provide a complete solutions ranging from target recognition, behavior detection, area monitoring and smart park operation,to make people’s work and lives more convenient, comfortable and efficient.
Car Park Management
Crowd Management
Loitering Detection
—— Vision Technology ——
Software-and-hardware integrated products
—— Auto Machine Learning Platform ——
Landing AI solutions into different scenarios
Case Study
A Community in Beijing
City Brain System:
Lawbreaking Scenario Detection Sub-system:Detection Framework, Control Monitor, Video Stream Access, Detection Result Storage, Adlet Detection, Tourists, Merchants and Crowd Detection, Log Management, Starting Up
Control and Management Sub-system:Single-channel Video Real-time Display, Detection Start/Stop Control, Detection Result Alarm, Detection Result Display, Detection Result Query, Tourists, Merchants and Crowd Detection Parameter Setting
—— PUE Management ——
Environment Forecast
Leverages machine learning and deep learning algorithms to accurately forecast PUE, power and other environments, to provide precise PUE awareness for operational staff.
Operations Strategy
Uses machine learning and decision optimization algorithms to identify the parameter and to identify the best portfolio of operating equip -ment to reduce PUE expenditures.
Operations Monitoring
Acts as a dashboard for operative staff to monitor day-to-day equipment operative, KPI changes, malfunction and other important variable changes in real time.
Closed-loop Control
Provides an optimized strategy for operation parameters of equipment portfolios, feedback fro, model learning, which supports self-learning and upgrading within a closed-loop of control.
BA Upgrading
Fixes and upgrades and the existing BA system, adds or upgrade existing sensors and communication devices to provide adequate data support for algorithms.
Application Scenarios
  • Supermarket
  • Operator
  • Real Estate
  • Data Center
  • Hotel
Technological Advantage
  • Precise PUE forecast; error within 10e-4
  • Fine-grained control interval (<5 minutes)
  • Automatic, unmanned, closed-loop equipment control
  • Real-time response to IT load and changes in external emperature and humidity
  • Accurate sub-system modeling and solutions for global optimal control point
  • MPC control