AI + Finance
AI + Finance
Artificial intelligence financial industry solutions help financial companies optimize business processes, enhance customer service capabilities, and enhance market competitiveness.
Intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and tuning based on algorithms and machine learning.
Smart pricing
Using artificial intelligence technology to assist insurance companies to intelligently analyze various types of customer negligence data and intelligent and flexible pricing.
Smart underwriting claims
Use deep learning technology and image recognition and text analysis to improve the ability of insurance companies to underwrite insurance claims.
Energy efficiency management
The artificial intelligence technology is used to analyze and optimize the energy efficiency of financial data centers, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the level of operation and maintenance management.
It can serve daily scenarios such as recruitment, personnel, benefits, compensation, training, and employee self-service, reducing trivial links and optimizing work processes.
Provide real-time risk assessment and loan strategy generation for housing loans, car loans, and consumer loans to reduce default rates and intelligently improve loan approval and operation efficiency.
AI Ops
RewinCloud Tech is a subsidiary of AInnovation financial industry, focusing on providing leading data center intelligent transformation solutions, and is committed to providing enterprise customers with industry-leading AI solutions using the most advanced artificial intelligence technology.
"Four Intelligences" product and service system
Advantage of AI/BIGDATA/CLOUD Computing
85% reduction in initial investment
55% reduction in operating costs
65% reduction in total cost of ownership
Customer Cases
Smart Underwriting-a large insurance company
Aiming at the business pain points of high labor costs and low processing efficiency in underwriting and claims in the traditional insurance business process, the intelligent underwriting platform supports the entire process of automatic processing from the input of the medical examination report associated with the policy to the health prediction and automatic underwriting conclusion output, and supports hybrid Deployment, deployment of atomic modules, support for both synchronous and asynchronous processing modes, support for processing ten million-level annual insurance policies, processing time for a single underwriting material (including personal information, health instructions, medical report, etc.) can be controlled at 20 Within seconds, access is convenient, deployment is flexible, performance is good, and it is fully suitable for various business scenarios.
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