Traditional banks, securities and insurance companies are faced with intensifying competition and declining profits with the rise of FinTech, as their customer service capabilities cannot keep up with the constant changes in consumer demands and behavior. Our AI solutions enable financial enterprises to optimize their business processes, improve their customer service and enhance their competitiveness.
Smart Underwriting
Leverages OCR, NLP and deep learning technology, to improve the service offerings enable smart underwriting for customer and to improve the service offering.
Omni-channel Intelligent Assistant
Natural language processing technology applied to omni-channel service support in the finance industry can optimize service capabilities and customer experience across multiple service channels.
AI Ops
Provides smart operations and maintenance based on machine learns algorithm for: Intelligent monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and optimization.
Smart Recommendation
Applies deep learning technology towards personalized product sorting and portfolio recommendation.
PUE Management
Applies AI models in data center PUE management for the infinancial industry, to optimize performance at lowest cost.
Smart Pricing
Uses AI technology to assess customer risks with smaret analysis of customer behavior based on online and offline data, to determine personalized, flexible and smart prices.
Case Study in Insurance Industry
An Insurance Company
Smart Underwriting Practice
Under the current underwriting process, customer data - including ID card, bank cards, medical records, medical examination reports and other material - are processed manually, and requiring high upfront costs in professional staff who operate at low-efficiency. As growth in the insurance sector accelerates, the current inefficient process of handling cases is will struggle to keep up with demand. Implementing structured data, derived from OCR, NLP and deep learning AI techniques, our insurance partner can automate the underwriting process: which translates to increased transaction efficiency, better alignment with business development goals, lower costs, increased enterprise performance, and strengthened risk control capabilities. With our solutions, the insurance company’s underwriting services will be augmented to deliver smart underwriting experiences to customers.
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