Industrial Intelligence
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Industrial Automation
Feeding, Cut, Produce, Logistics
Industry Vision
Locating, Detection, Measurement, Recognition
Industrial cloud platform
Data Collection, Equipment Management, Online statistical analysis
Industry Vision
ManuVision integrates a variety of machine vision algorithm components, which can be applied to a variety of scenarios. It can quickly combine algorithms without programming, and can flexibly build application solutions. It has the characteristics of rich functions, stable performance, and friendly user interface.
Function Scenarios
Industry layout
Auto Parts
Textiles & Garments
Warehouse Logistics
Magnetic Material
Building Works
Customer Cases
3C quality inspection-an international leading 3C manufacturer
Through computer vision technology, defects such as scratching, rubbing, touching, and dirt on the frame of the mobile phone are detected, replacing a large amount of manual labor and reducing the labor cost of the assembly line.
Textiles & Garments-A leading garment manufacturer in an industry
Supports multiple styles of garment size and symmetry measurement. Supports a variety of garment flaw detection.
Metallurgical foundry-a large metallurgical plant
The high-dynamic camera is used to shoot the situation of the furnace mouth, and the AI visual algorithm is used to issue sound and light prompts according to the situation of the furnace mouth to remind workers to replenish in time.
Motor vehicle assembly-a large engine manufacturer
Through computer vision technology, check whether the timing points are aligned during the engine assembly process to ensure the consistency of product assembly.
Magnetic materials-a large magnetic material manufacturer
Supports multiple magnetic material defect detections. Supports automatic loading and unloading, and intelligent sorting of OK and NG.
Non-destructive Inspection-A state-owned railway construction unit
Support arch, steel, emptying, slag detection, etc. Support smart report export.
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