Intelligent Logistics
CISAI Tech was established in March 2019.It is a joint venture of AInnovation and CISDI GROUP. It focuses on the two major application scenarios of process manufacturing and park logistics, and focuses on the output of platform products and system solutions in the industrial AI scenario. Consulting, technology research and development, engineering implementation, post-operation and maintenance projects and other full life cycle capabilities.
Smart Liquid Iron Transportation Solution
The intelligent molten iron transportation system independently developed by CISDI practiced simple, efficient, safe, low-cost, high-quality operation concepts, and created an all-weather, full-process unmanned locomotive transportation system based on industrial artificial intelligence technologym Logistics port and other scenarios.
All-weather All-process Smart Liquid Iron Transportation System ready in Operation
Customer Cases
A large steel plant in the south
Improvement of locomotive efficiency13% | Reducing the Labor Force Rate50% | Increased locomotive speed10% | Equipments’ life span Prolong | Dynamic path planning higher efficiency
Intelligent scheduling command. All-weather, full-process environmental perception. Fully automatic high-performance vehicle parking and automatic pick-up and hook-off functions, accurate centimeter-level alignment. Improves operation efficiency and quality of transport, while cutting costs and reduce the reliance on people.