Smart Recommendation System for Three Customer Categories
Traditional online environment
Product recommendation
User retention
Social e-commerce
Smart selection
Social fission management
Online merge offline
Offline contact discovery
Online and offline recommendation
Customer Cases
A well-known online shopping platform in Asia
Recommend based on consumption behavior
Providing smart recommendation services to online customers. According to customer’s online consuming behaviors, providing precise recommendation of favorite product, similar product and complementary product on three scenarios: home page, category page and product page.
A leading 2B shopping social e-commerce
Recommend based on social and consumption behaviors
According to customers’ online social behaviors and online consuming behaviors, automatically optimize product recommendation function in product page, search box, and homepage.
A large chain retail store
Recommend based on in APP shopping and offline consumption behavior
According to customers’ consuming behaviors in APP and offline consuming behaviors, merging online and offline channel, providing omni-scenario smart recommendation.