Shelf Intelligence
Shelf Display Insight
Shelf intelligence products are designed to achieve comprehensive shelf monitoring through image recognition in multi-scene scenarios (shelves and freezers), and our product can efficiently and accurately recognize client and competitor products, as well as other vivid materials (price tags, posters, promotions). Concurrently, customized KPI analysis is carried out according to customers' business needs to realize overall shelf monitoring.
AI Image Recognition
Display execution inspection
Price execution check
Competitive tracking
Product distribution
Competitive product distribution
Price tag identification
Vivid material
Door identification
Price tag identification
Data Integration / Analysis
Display management
Promotion execution
Price management
Product market analysis
Market share perspective
Display compliance judgment
Key Competitive Product Tracking
Competitive Promotion Tracking
Market expense ROI
Marketing Strategy Assistance
Shelf Insight
Category Insights
industry analysis
Store Rating
Dealer rating
Marketing strategy support
Intelligent category management
Best display practices
Smart Channel Strategy
Successful Commercialization Cases
Complex Scenario Landing
High Recognition Accuracy
Customized Business Analytics Report
Customer Cases
Beer industry
The AI image recognition function is deeply integrated with the beer industry mobile sales and marketing system. It adopts leading image recognition technology to obtain real-time product distribution and display compliance data, improving work efficiency and management efficiency.
Food Industry
The AI image recognition function has created a set of real-time "distribution product type statistics" combined with "purity testing" solution, which can obtain display data in real time, gain insight into market changes, effectively improve the management efficiency, and reduce operating costs.
Liquor industry
AInnovative reached in-depth cooperation with head customers in the liquor industry, providing distribution, display verification and anti-cheating functions for channel management, insight into competitive product trends, and helping liquor companies to improve channel management efficiency.
Milk powder industry
The AI image recognition function helps customers in the milk powder industry to achieve product quantity statistics, display compliance inspections, promotions and vivid material identification, picture anti-counterfeit detection and monitoring, low cost, convenient operation and high recognition accuracy.
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