Shelf intelligence products are designed to achieve comprehensive shelf monitoring through image recognition in multi-scene scenarios (shelves and freezers), and our product can efficiently and accurately recognize client and competitor products, as well as other vivid materials (price tags, posters, promotions). Concurrently, customized KPI analysis is carried out according to customers' business needs to realize overall shelf monitoring.
Shelf Intelligence Data Analysis
Product Distribution
Display Quantity Secondary Display
Regular Price Tag
Quantity of Competitive Products
Promotive Price Tag
Shelf Layers
Data Integration and Deep Analysis
Shelf Management
Promotion Execution
Price Management
Market Analysis
Competitive Products
Sales Dept
Marketing Dept
Compliance Dept
BI Analytics Dept
Category Mgmt. Dept
Channel Insight & Marketing Strategy
Channel Insight
Industry Analytics
Category Insight
Store Ratings
Channel Strategy Analysis
Marketing Strategy Analysis
Deep Analysis of Display Data
Data Integration/Analysis
Marketing Strategy Assistance
Successful Commercialization Cases:
Our team has extensive commercialization experience and a large customer base; our contract customers include many well-regarded light house enterprises.
Complex Scenario Landing:
We can implement many complex scenarios including: irregular product recognition, fake photo, storefront recognition, price tag recognition, compliance judgment.
High Recognition Accuracy:
98% SKU recognition accuracy.
Customized Business Analytics Report:
Real-time results and (customizable) KPI data analysis.
Case Study
A Large International Breweries Group
Pain Points:
  • Traditional shelf verification has low efficiency, long cycles, and cannot guarantee data authenticity.
  • Insufficient data on competitors' products make it more difficult to implement decisions.
  • Data analysis requires a lot of manpower and processing time, resulting in long lead times.
  • Integrate into existing SFA without affecting the daily work of sales representatives.
  • Real-time feedback on recognition results after photo uploading, which can guide sales representatives in their work.
  • Full automatic verification of shelf intelligence and realtime view of analysis reports on distribution, shortage and competitors' products at the background.
  • Real-time verification: Data is acquired in real time by sales representatives through photos uploaded to the cloud.
  • Reduced costs: Labor and management costs.
  • Data analysis: Real-time acquisition of shelf intelligence through automatic verification and demand- driven configuration of business rules and reports.
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