The retail market faces many new challenges as technology permeates the industry: the accelerated integration of online and offline retail, additional data dimensions, fragmentized application scenarios increasingly complex business patterns, and the reconstructed value of people, products and place. In response, the industry has embraced AI to drive digital transformation. AInnovation provides complete AI solutions for retail, empowers the entire industry chain around people, product and place, and covers the front, middle and back offices with products and solutions that integrate software and hardware.
Smart Store
Shelf Intelligence
Smart Vending Machine
Self-checkout Machine
Precision Advertising
Store Operations    Supply Chain
Sales Forecast                            Stock Forecast
Smart Product Selection             Demand Sensing
Smart Restock                      Logistics Scheduling
Intelligent Site Selection          Production Planning
Customer Management
Personalized Recommendation
Smart Pricing
Customer Engagement
Smart Customer Service
Vision Technology
Software-and-Hardware All In One
Auto ML Platform
Landing AI Solutions into Different Scenarios
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