Computer Vision

Leveraging quick SKU modeling and a massive SKU database, our top- tier computer vision experts apply world-leading image classification algorithms and advanced detection and positioning technology to provide sophisticated computer vision and pattern recognition solutions for our partners.

Auto ML Platform

We aim to help users quickly build enterprise-level machine learning applications using our auto machine learning platform which consists of a data, algorithm, and production core.

Natural Language Processing

With powerful data acquisition and analysis capabilities, we enable our partners with reliable and stable national language processing (NLP) solutions.

Auto ML Platform

Data Core
Enables massive data processing, builds closed-loop data processes, and integrates customer data management.
Algorithm Core
Supports multiple algorithms, automated feature extraction and selection, automated algorithm training, and enables quick definition of algorithm capabilities.
Production Core
MLaaS combines data and algorithm capacity, supports the deployment of enterprise-wide machine learning applications, and quickly enables the enterprise’s AI output capabilities.